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Current Weather Conditions at Village Ballfield Complex

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Parks and Recreation Master Plan Survey

The Village of Palm Springs is developing a Master Plan to prepare the Village for future recreation programming and capital construction. As part of the Master Plan, there is an opportunity for resident voices to provide input into the facility and programming needs.  This Master Plan will help introduce new facilities, new programs, what facilities need upgrading, modifying or renovating.  Your input will help identify existing and future needs.  Complete a link to fill out a short survey.

English: Parks Master Plan Survey

Espanol: Plan Maestro de Parques

Kreole: Plan Parks Met

Rec on the Moove 

Rec on the Moove is the Village Parks and Recreation Department's program that brings recreation programming to you!  Highlighting the multiple neighborhoods, schools and parks in the Village. 

Public is invited to this free program. Date and Time will be confirmed soon, so please check back.  


Youth and Adult Sports

Village of Palm Springs Adult Kickball League with Ultra Coed Sports

The Village of Palm Springs is pleased to partner with Ultra Coed Sports to bring in an adult kickball league. Enjoy 6 weeks of games, themes and after parties with the entire league at our sponsor bar, McKenna's! Games are played on Mondays starting August 14th. Singles, small groups, and full teams are welcome. For registration and more information email or go to UCS Palm Springs Kickball

Youth Sports with I9

The Village of Palm Springs is currently working with I9 Sports to provide a fun filled sports learning environment for youth participants.  I9 Sports' mission to "help kids succeed in life through sports".  I9 Sports shares with the Village Parks and Recreation Department the opportunity for children to gain an introduction to sports, develop their athletic skills, learn good sportsmanship values, and increase their self-confidence.  Parents, we believe this will help you plan your families schedule and participate in their athletic interests.  

Below are some clinics and leagues that will be conducted at the Village Complex 226 Cypress Lane.  Please share the information with any of your family and friends who may want to participate.

Village of Palm Springs Resident Discount

Village Residents may contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (561) 584-8200 x8450 in order to verify their Palm Springs residency and get a discount PROMO code for an additional discount OR visit . Residents will receive $20 off of league pricing and $10 off of clinic pricing.  

I9 Sports Association Scholarship Grants

I9 Sports Association offers scholarship grants to help offset youth sports program participation fees for boys and girls ages 3 to 14.  Visit I9 Sports Association

Click on I9 Sports Link to go to website and register for the desired program or to learn more about I9 Sports.

ALL Clinics and Leagues are located at at  226 Cypress Lane 

Lightning Safety

There is no safe place outside when thunderstorms are in the area.  Did you know that lightning kills more people in Florida than all other weather hazards combined? Please use the following tips to stay safe in the event of an oncoming thunderstorm:

Monitor threatening weather.  Be aware of thunderstorm watches and warnings and look for darkening skies, flashes of lightning or increased wind, which may be signs of a developing or approaching thunderstorm.

Check the latest forecast prior to a practice or event. Postpone activities if necessary. If thunderstorms are forecasted, most often during the summer months, consider postponing activities early to avoid being caught in a dangerous situation.

When thunder roars, go indoors. If you hear thunder, you are likely within striking distance of the storm. Suspend your activity immediately and instruct everyone to get to a safe structure. Avoid sheds, small or open shelters, dugouts, bleachers, or grandstands, and stay off corded phones and away from wiring or plumbing.  If a sturdy building is not nearby, a hard topped metal vehicle with the windows closed will offer good protection.

Consider an app for your mobile device. Apps for mobile devices are now available that provide access to a local network of lightning sensors.  This may be an additional resource for you to assess surrounding weather conditions and practice personal safety.

Please refrain from sitting underneath a dugout, open air shelters, shade structures over playgrounds, and pavilions with out walls.

Outdoor Activities

Bike or Walk- taking a bike ride or walking around the Village is a great way to stay healthy and keep your mind fresh.  Just Maintain Social Distancing!  A great family exercise as well.  Utilize sidewalks in your neighborhood or take a walk around Frost Lake Park.

Play at Home- run and play, tag, hide and go seek, red light green light are ways to just play!

Decorate your sidewalk with Sidewalk Chalk Art

Virtual Recreation- Strength Training and Cardio for Personal Fitness

*Please consult your physician prior to any physical exercise including strength training or cardio.

This article will lead you to a link explaining the benefits cardio and strength training exercises can have.  It also includes a number of exercises, tips, reminders and reference sites. It also includes fun, fitness activities for kids!

Train with Kickoff 

Special thanks to Anna who provided us the link to this article and to Ms. Briggs for sharing.

Virtual Recreation- Soccer Instruction

Team sports may be at a standstill, but with this library of soccer instructional videos your game does not have to stand still!  Improve your skills today and help yourself become a better soccer player.  These you tube videos are free for viewing.  While the instruction takes place on a soccer pitch, you can do these in your yard or any piece of grass.  Some videos have ads that you will need to skip thru.

3 Beginner Drills for Youth Players

How to Improve Your Dribbling Skills

5 Essential Dribbling Drills Every Player Should Master

Dribbling Drills

*TechneFutbol is an app to help players sharpen their skills. It can be downloaded from the Apple or Google store. (The Village is providing this for information purposes only and does not endorse any specific app or service)

Virtual Recreation- Basketball Instruction

Become a better basketball player by taking this time to work on your individual skills.  These videos will help you work on your game.  Spend the time improving your ball handling and if you have a goal at your house, practice these shooting drills as well!

6 Best Ball Handling Drills

Maravich Drills 

Basketball Shooting Drills

*HomeCourt is an app to help players sharpen their skills. It can be downloaded from the Apple or Google store. (The Village is providing this for information purposes only and does not endorse any specific app or service)

Services Provided

The Village of Palm Springs Parks and Recreation Department is a full service provider or programs and facilities to meet the needs of our residents and visitors alike. We have programs for all ages and interests. We produce many special events throughout the year along with the quarterly Village Newsletter.