Youth Soccer

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Please visit I9 Sports Soccer Clinics and Leagues for soccer information throughout the year.  Clinics and leagues are held at various times at the Village of Palm Springs.  Clinics and leagues are coordinated by I9 Sports.

Virtual Recreation- Soccer Instruction

Team sports may be at a standstill, but with this library of soccer instructional videos your game does not have to stand still!  Improve your skills today and help yourself become a better soccer player.  These you tube videos are free for viewing.  While the instruction takes place on a soccer pitch, you can do these in your yard or any piece of grass.  Some videos have ads that you will need to skip thru.

3 Beginner Drills for Youth Players

How to Improve Your Dribbling Skills

5 Essential Dribbling Drills Every Player Should Master

Dribbling Drills