Polices & Interpretations


The village does not accept pictures or nailing affidavits in lieu of inspections. The department will work with the contractor in scheduling timely and frequent inspections. Call the permitting desk at (561) 584-8200 (1 for Spanish/2 for English) then Ext. 3 if scheduling is an issue.


Only one shed is permitted per residential lot with a dwelling unit on it. The maximum shed size is 12-feet by 14-feet (168 square feet) with a maximum ceiling height of 8 feet. The shed must be set back a minimum of 5 feet from the property line and shall not encroach into any easements.

Permits are required for all sheds. The permit must be accompanied by engineering. A prescriptive shed design for an 11-foot by 9.5-foot-wide by 10-foot by-7-foot-deep shed is available at the Palm Beach County website.

Temporary Signs

Ordinance No. 2016-02 pertaining to Temporary Signs may be accessed via the link below: Temporary Signs Ordinance.

Tree Pruning

The Village requires that trees and palms be pruned in accordance with standards of the National Arborist Association. Property owners, landscape companies and handymen are all responsible for understanding these pruning standards. Fines may be assessed for over pruning, improper pruning (hatracking), and illegal tree removal. The following guidelines are offered to ensure proper pruning is performed:

  • No more than 25% of the tree canopy may be pruned/removed within a year
  • Branches should be cut at the point of origin, close to the trunk or parent branch
  • Healthy palm fronds above the horizontal line should not be removed
  • Climbing spurs should not be used to climb trees for pruning purposes
  • When a branch or frond is growing directly into/under a utility facility, pruning should be done by removing the entire branch, and not by cutting the branch at a defined clearance zone