Building Code Information

The Village has adopted the 2020 (7th Edition) Florida Building Code.

The 2017 edition of the National ElectricCode is currently in effect and can be viewed after a brief registration at the National Fire Protection Association website.

Chapter One Amendments to the Florida Building Code provide the administrative chapter to the Codes.

The Fair Housing Act, Chapter 760 Florida Statutes, regulates certain multi-family housing. "Covered multifamily dwelling" means: (a)A building which consists of four or more units and has an elevator; or

(b)The ground floor units of a building which consists of four or more units and does not have an elevator.

The Fair Housing Design Manual provides clear and helpful guidance about ways to design and construct housing which complies with the Fair Housing Act.

The Village enforces the Village of Palm Springs Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.

If you have a question regarding an old building permit, contact the Planning, Zoning & Building Department at (561) 584-8200 (1 for Spanish/2 for English) then Ext 3 for the PZB Department and someone will be able to assist you.