Fees are assessed by the village for the various planning, zoning, and building applications. In addition, Palm Beach County assesses impact fees on new development which is collected by the village for the county.

Fee Schedules

  • Building Permit Fees
  • Impact Fees 
  • Business Tax
  • Fee Schedule for Unified Development Application 
  • Right of Way Fees Table 7.1 
  • Special Fees Table 6.1 

Effective October 1, 2010, Every (construction related) permit issued is subject to the permit surcharge fee. The fees to be collected are based on a percentage of the permit fee. The minimum fee for each permit is $4.00. The fee is calculated at 2.5% of the permit fee and plan review fee, or the minimum charge. These fees are added to the building permits fees and plan review fees and collected at time of submittal.

In accordance with Section 163.31801, Florida Statutes, the Village of Palm Springs, Florida hereby provides 90 day notice of the effective date for the imposition of impact fees to fund Law Enforcement  and Parks & Recreation improvements necessitated by growth and development.

The proposed impact fees, if approved, will be imposed on all new construction, both residential and non-residential, occurring within the boundaries of the Village for which a complete permit application is received  on or after June 21, 2021. The fees will be collected by the Village at or prior to the issuance of a building permit  for new construction. The detailed fee schedules  showing the maximum potential rates based on the consultant's impact fee study follow:

Village of Palm Springs Parks & Recreational Facilities PROPOSED
Impact Fee Schedule

Land UseImpact UnitMaximum Calculated Impact Fee


Single Family (detached/attached):

 - Less than 1,500 sfdu$659

 - 1,500 to 2,499 sfdu$731

 - 2,500 sf or moredu$819

Multi-Family (Apartment/Condo)du$485

Mobile Homedu$582

Senior Adult Housing (Detached)du$560

Senior Adult Housing (Attached)du$370


Village of Palm Springs Law Enforcement PROPOSED
Impact Fee Schedule

ITE LUCLand UseImpact UnitMaximum Calculated Impact Fee 

210Single Family (detached/attached)
 - Less than 1,500 sfdu$271.44
 - 1,500 to 2,499 sfdu$301.60
 - 2,500 sf or moredu$337.51
220/230Multi-Family (Apartment/Condo):du$199.63
240Mobile Homedu$239.85
251Senior Housing (Detached)du$229.79
252Senior Housing (Attached)du$152.24
Transient, Assisted, Group:

253Congregate Care Facilitydu$208.01
254Assisted Living Facilitybed$145.45
620Nursing Homebed$170.48

430Golf Coursehole$131.38
444Movie Theaterscreen$811.72

520Elementary School (Private)student$12.51
522Middle School (Private)student$14.08
530High School (Private)student$14.08
540University/Junior College (7,500 or fewer students) (Private)student$15.64
550University/Junior College (more than 7,500 students) (Private)student$12.51
560Church1,000 sf$57.87
565Day Care Center1,000 sf$126.68

610Hospital1,000 sf$201.76
630Clinic1,000 sf$284.65

710General Office1,000 sf$139.20
720Medical Office 10,000 sq ft or less1,000 sf$187.68
720Medical Office greater than 10,000 sq ft1,000 sf$269.01

820Shopping Center/Retail1,000 sfgla$236.16
New/Used Auto Sales1,000 sf$245.55
850Supermarket1,000 sf$376.92
Pharmacy/Drug Store with & without Drive-Thru1,000 sf$289.34
890Furniture Store1,000 sf$50.05

911Bank/Savings Walk-In1,000 sf$161.09
912Bank/Savings Drive-In1,000 sf$233.04
931Quality Restaurant1,000 sf$900.86
932High-Turn Over Restaurant1,000 sf$871.15
934Fast Food Restaurant w/Drive-Thru1,000 sf$1,517.08
942Automobile Care Center1,000 sf$261.19
944Gas Station w/Convenience Market <2,000 sq ftfuel pos.$228.34
945Gas Station w/Convenience Market 2,000-2,999 sq ftfuel pos.$278.39
960Gas Station w/Convenience Market 3,000+ sq ftfuel pos.$315.93

110General Light Industrial1,000 sf$78.20
140Manufacturing1,000 sf$71.94
150Warehousing1,000 sf$17.20
151Mini-Warehouse1,000 sf$6.26
154High-Cube Transload/Storage1,000 sf$14.08

Notice Posted: 3.17.21