Police DepartmentAdministration

The department's administration consists of Chief Ceccarelli, Captain Perez, and the three lieutenants who are each in charge of the other divisions: Investigations, Patrol, and Support.


This division handles criminal, crime scene and internal affairs investigations. It also houses the community policing unit, which supervises the Explorer program and conducts site plan reviews to ensure the Village's new construction projects can comply with Crime Prevention Through Enviromental Design (CPTED) principles. The Investigations Division also provides several other services to the community.


Road patrol is the foundation and backbone of the department. It is comprised of four patrol teams. Each team is staffed with a sergeant, corporal, four zone officers, a traffic officer, and two dispatchers.The patrol teams operate on a 12-hour rotating schedule for both day and night shift personnel.

The Patrol Division practices a proactive approach to policing and assists the other divisions with investigations and community policing projects. This division houses the traffic unit and it coordinates the Off-Duty Detail Program.

Support Services

This division houses the the training unit, code enforcement, property and evidence, records management, public information, emergency communications, the school crossing guards and the volunteer program.The Support Division also provides several other services to the community.