The Main Water Treatment Plant for the Village of Palm Springs was originally constructed in 1957 by F&F Construction Company, the developers of the Village of Palm Springs. The raw water was supplied by three wells on the treatment plant site and was treated by lime softening and chlorination.

In 1959, a 500,000 gallon ground storage tank was added. The Village of Palm Springs purchased the water treatment plant in 1966 from F&F Construction Company. Extensive improvements were made to the water supply and treatment systems in 1976 and 1978.

Phase I Improvements

These improvements included the third, 2-million-gallon-per-day water treatment unit with filters, a 1-million-gallon ground storage tank, three new water supply wells, two new high service pumps, and an emergency generator capable of supplying power to operate the entire treatment plant during an emergency period.

Through the years, additional raw water supply wells were constructed to provide raw water to the treatment plant. There are currently nine wells which provide water to the Main Water Treatment Plant.

Phase II Improvements

Water quality regulations have continued to change through the implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. In order to comply with these regulations, the Village authorized Eckler Engineering to design a new Water Treatment Plant to provide the level of treatment required to meet these new regulations. The design of the Water Treatment Plant began in September, 1995. The main emphasis on the design of the treatment facility was to treat water which met the new Safe Drinking Water Act standards, fit in the allotted space, and keep the existing water treatment plant operational. All of these design parameters have been met.

After competitive bidding, Florida Design Contractors, Inc. was awarded the construction contract for the Phase II Water Treatment Plant Improvements and a Notice to Proceed was issued on June 2, 1997. Over the next 20 months, construction at the plant proceeded with daily observation by the Village of Palm Springs and Eckler Engineering. The plant began treating water on a regular basis February 1999.

The Main Water Treatment Plant is a modern facility employing innovative techniques for meeting today's stringent drinking water quality standards.

Water Treatment Process

For information about our water treatment process, please take a moment to view this video.