Village Clerk

Office Responsibilities

In addition to keeping records for the Village, the Clerk's Office has the following responsibilities:

  • Serves as the Supervisor of Elections for municipal election of the Mayor and Council Members
  • Prepares and maintain agendas and minutes for Village Council and Board meetings
  • Manages membership on the Advisory Boards
  • Prepare and preserve Code Enforcement/Special Magistrate hearing dockets and all corresponding legal orders
  • Notarizes, certifies and attests legal documents for the Village 
  • Process public record requests (except Police Records)
  • Serves as the Risk Manager for the Village to handles
  • Perform municipal lien searches to verify any outstanding debts and code violations prior to real estate transactions for properties within Village boundaries, or the Village’s water/sewer service areas
  • Provide notary services for residents of Palm Springs 
  • Oversee the management of records for the Village
  • Administer and record the Oath of Office
  • Codifies and record the Village Code of Ordinances, Resolutions and Minutes
  • Maintain the Village Charter