Flood Protection & Disaster Preparation

This page is under reconstruction for ADA Compliance; please contact our office for a copy of a flood zone map; elevation certificate or village newsletter.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


The Village of Palm Springs provides flood protection information.

FEMA flood publications can be found in both the Palm Springs Library and the Planning, Zoning & Building Department.

Additionally, the Planning, Zoning & Building Department staff can provide technical assistance in interpreting the flood maps.

The official web site of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

The flood insurance page of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Flood Zone Map  (under reconstruction)

Find My Flood Zone by Address

Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates in the SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area) from the last year:

42 Andros Road
240 Davis Road
31 Miller Road
3675-3677 Miller Road
3033 S Congress Avenue
3599 S Congress Avenue 

A fillable version of the 2015 Elevation Certificate (EC) FEMA.gov is available. The PDF form has been enabled to be filled and saved using Adobe Reader.

Elevation Certificates with photographs are required with all new constructions or additions.

Flood Protection Information

Village Flood Protection Newsletter (under reconstruction)

Help the Village document flooding in our community – upload your photos here.

Know Your Flood Hazard

Link to Palm Beach County’s Flood Facts web page on Palm Beach County Flooding

Link to Palm Beach County’s Local Flooding web page

Flood Hazard Excerpt from the Flood » UF Florida Flood Hazard for homeowners in Florida:

Flood Hazard Information from the FL Homeowners Handbook 


Insure Your Property for the Flood Hazard

Link to the National Flood Insurance Program’s official site

Flood Insurance article from the University of Florida: Flood Insurance Guide

 Protect People From the Flood Hazard
Village of Palm Springs Roads that frequently flood 

Link to the Emergency Preparedness & Safety Tips for the Elderly

Link to the Florida Disaster web page on floods

Protect Your Property From the Flood Hazard

Link to Palm Beach County’s Flood Tips web page

Build Responsibility

 Link to flood provisions in the 2017 6th Edition Florida Building Code

ASFPM Outreach


Protect Natural Floodplain Functions

Link to Miami-Dade County’s explanation of the floodplain functions

Information on Warning, Safety and Evacuation When a Flood Threatens

Palm Beach County Information:

PBC Flood Awareness Directory

PBC Flood Warning System

PBC Evacuation Information:

Palm Beach County Evacuation Zones Map

PBC Safety and Recovery Tips

State of Florida Information:

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Florida’s Severe Weather Awareness Guide

Preparedness Websites:

Complete Guide to Flood Safety and Preparedness

National Council for Home Safety and Security

Homeowners Guide to Lightning Safety

Preparing for Disasters in Your Home: What to Buy, What to Skip

Emergency Preparedness and Pets

Important Legal Documents for Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

How to Organize and Prepare for Disasters

Real Time Gage Information and Other Current Conditions to be Aware of

Current Conditions Reported by the South Florida Water Management District:

SFWMD Real-time Rain Gauges

SFWMD Current Weather Radar

SFWMD Weather Forecast

SFWMD Rainfall Estimates

SFWMD Home Page (Includes Lake Okeechobee Level)

Current Conditions Reported by the U.S. Geological Survey:

USGS Current Water Data for Florida

USGS Current Streamflow Conditions for Florida

Current Weather Conditions from National Sources:

National Weather Service Live Weather Radar

National Weather Service forecast for South Florida