Carol Ave. and Rex Ave. (Completed 03/24/2021)

Standing water conditions were observed along roadside swales and in driveway entrances along Carol Avenue. Complaints regarding standing water issues on Rex Avenue were received from a property adjacent to Congress Avenue.

Area Photos:

Carol Ave. standing water near S. Congress and at 3026

Existing Conditions:

GIS data shows swales along the north and south sides of Carol Avenue. Catch basins located halfway between Henthorne Drive and South Congress Avenue appear to receive runoff from contiguous properties via overland flow. GIS data shows a connecting pipe to the nearest FDOT structure on the west side of Congress Avenue, but this connection does not exist based on the field investigation. LiDAR data indicates that Carol Avenue may be slightly lower than surrounding areas, with high points in the road centerline located towards the east and west ends and a low point adjacent to the existing catch basins. A depression extending southward from the southern catch basin along Carol Avenue connects to a retention area within the Rex Terrace Condominiums property and may presently be an outfall route via overland flow. This retention area outfalls through an existing control structure to the Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) L-10 Canal immediately south of the condominium property.

GIS data for Rex Avenue shows swales on the north and south sides of the roadway, and no catch basins or pipes. Further west, within the Rex Terrace Condominiums property, several catch basins collect runoff from the parking area and connect to the retention area just west of the residential buildings. LiDAR data shows a high point towards the west end of Rex Avenue, just east of the condominium property entrance, and a high point at the east end where the roadway intersects Congress Avenue.

Upon review of Village of Palm Springs Land Development Department records, a 10’ wide drainage easement bisects the Rex Terrace Condominiums property from the north to the south parcel boundaries. Rex Terrace Condominiums land development records show a 30’ wide drainage swale from the northern property line, in line with the existing 10’ drainage easement, running south to an existing 30” CMP culvert connecting to the LWDD L-10 Canal.

Based on a review of historical aerial photographs of the drainage area, the historical and intended outfall for Carol Avenue is south through the easement to the L-10 Canal. An ownership and encumbrance report was conducted for the Rex Terrace Condominiums that confirms the 10’ drainage easement running north and south through the property but did not find any easement from Rex Avenue running east/west into the drainage swale / 30” discharge culvert into the LWDD L-10 Canal.

No existing permits from SFWMD were located within the drainage area for Carol Avenue or Rex Avenue.

Approximate drainage boundaries associated with each roadway per topographic data,evaluate the existence of connection to an outfall, and estimate the capacity of existing conveyance features.

Recommended improvements:

Carol Avenue

The catch basins along Carole Avenue should be reconnected to the existing swale via a piped connection. The swales should be reconstructed along Carol Avenue to direct stormwater runoff to the existing catch basin. Although there is an existing drainage easement in place, coordination with the owners of the Rex Terrace Condominiums will be required as a new drainage easement should be recorded over the location of the existing swale and to the LWDD rights-of-way.

Rex Avenue

Catch basins should be installed along Rex Avenue at the existing low areas. The catch basin could be routed east to Congress Avenue and south to the LWDD L-10 Canal within FDOT right-of-way or west through the Rex Terrace Condominiums. We recommend coordinating with the Rex Terrace Condominiums to work out a resolution to run Rex Avenue west through their site rather than through FDOT right-of-way the Village would only be responsible for maintaining one drainage system to the LWDD L-10 Canal and there could be potential conflicts within Congress Avenue that may make this connection difficult.

Due to the potential of a common outfall, improvements for Carol Avenue and Rex Avenue can be undertaken as a single project. The schematic design for improvement of drainage along Carol Avenue involves the installation of additional drainage inlets between the existing catch basins and Congress Avenue to assist in the collection of runoff through that portion of the roadway. A pipe installed on the north side of the road will connect the proposed structures to the existing structures. A piped connection will enter the Rex Terrace Condominiums property beneath the existing paved parking area and continue west to a point of connection with the existing retention area. This pipe connection will intercept the existing parking lot drainage system and will require some modifications of the existing piping to simplify future access and maintenance. This configuration will impact a private property and potentially impose some disruption of residential access during construction. Agreement with the impacted property owners will be necessary before construction can commence.

Alternate Recommendation:

If an agreement cannot be reached with the Rex Terrace Condominium Owners’ Association, drainage culverts could be installed parallel to Congress Avenue to discharge south into the LWDD L-10 Canal.

Regulatory Approvals:

The proposed system will outfall 

to the LWDD L-10 Canal. Approval by the Lake Worth Drainage District will be required prior to construction.

Project Cost:

The estimated cost of improvements for Carol Avenue is $200,000. The estimated cost of

improvements for Rex Avenue is $250,000. The combined total for both roadways is

approximately $450,000.

A detailed Opinion of Probable Construction Cost, Schematic Design drawing, and Drainage

Area exhibit are attached.

Carol Ave. Engineer Opinion Cost breakdown

Rex Ave. Engineers Opinion Cost breakdown

Construction Plans and Drainage Improvement