Charlotte St.

Standing water was observed along Charlotte Street approximately 275’ west of Military Trail at an apparent low spot in the road.


Charlotte St. multiple pictures of detention area and looking east and west standing water

Existing Conditions:

Stormwater runoff form from Charlotte Street appears to be obstructed from entering into an existing swale area located on the south side of the roadway (see photographs). Maintenance and drainage of Charlotte Street is the responsibility of a “Private” entity according to GIS data from Palm Beach County, however, based upon review of available records and plats within the area; there swale is located within a 20’ drainage easement. This swale connects to the same ditch where Price Street discharges into and ultimately into the LWDD L-11 Canal.

Recommended Improvements:

The Village should confirm ownership and maintenance responsibilities for Charlotte Street prior to undertaking any proposed improvements in the road right-of-way. Installation of a concrete flume is recommended to direct water from the roadway to the existing low-lying detention area on the south side of Charlotte Street located within an existing 20’ wide drainage easement. Grades within the drainage easement should be restored to direct runoff to the existing drainage ditch for conveyance to and outfall in the LWDD L-11 Canal. Additional grading improvements in the detention area and along the canal system may help prolong the life and functionality of the existing drainage system.

Regulatory Approvals:

The proposed system will outfall to LWDD Canal L-11 through previously installed components. Regulatory approval will not be required for the recommended maintenance activities.

Project Cost:

The estimated cost of proposed improvements is $70,000. A detailed Opinion of Probable Construction Cost and Schematic Design drawing are attached.

Charlotte St. Engineer Opinion Cost breakdown

Construction Plans and Drainage Improvement