Gulfstream Road: 10th ave. North to L-12 Canal

Gulfstream Road between 10th Avenue North and LWDD Canal L-10 has been noted as an Area of Concern by Village of Palm Springs personnel due to observation of standing water in the shoulders and within the travel lanes of the roadway.

Area Photos:

Gulstream Rd. 10th Ave. N. to L-10 standing water along roadwayGulstream Rd. 10th Ave. N. to L-10 standing water along roadwayExisting Conditions:

GIS data depicts swales along the east and west sides of the roadway, with catch basins located about halfway between the LWDD L-10 Canal and 10th Avenue North. A trunk line on the west side of the road outfalls to the north in the L-10 Canal. LiDAR data indicates that elevations along this portion of Gulfstream Road are slightly lower than grades immediately west, and grading between the high point at the south end and the low point at the first set of catch basins is minimally sloped.

Upon review of the site, swales as depicted within the GIS database were not apparent and may have been reduced in volume over time through the deposition of materials carried by runoff. This volume reduction may be forcing runoff to pond over the roadway. Other obstructions were located within the swale portion of the right-of-way, including what appeared to be a recently installed fence and landscape along the west side of Gulfstream Road immediately north of the intersection with 10th Avenue North (shown in the photo to the right above).

An SFWMD SWM permit has been issued for Eastcoast Furniture (Permit No. 186-88-S, Application No. 10078-2, issued to Neering, John) located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Gulfstream Road and 10th Avenue North. No permit documents were available for review from the online permit database.

Recommended Improvements:

Reconstruct the roadside swales with a slope towards the existing catch basins. This will allow the existing system to collect runoff before standing water can pond in the travel lanes. The existing piped drainage system can be extended south by approximately 300 feet to provide more immediate collection at an apparent low point in the roadway (shown in photos above).

The Village should check with land development and/or code enforcement to review the recent fence and landscape installation at the northwest corner of 10th Avenue North and Gulfstream Road. Any encroachments should be relocated from the road right-of-way.

Cleaning and videoing existing drainage pipes will restore the system’s designed conveyance capacity, provide a thorough inspection for scheduling maintenance activities, serve as a sound basis for planning inevitable system upgrades and replacements, and help establish approximate financial parameters for continuous future operation of the system.

Collection of suspended materials is a designed function of most swale systems, and periodic inspection and maintenance is required for suitable performance. Development of a protocol for regular inspection, assessment, and maintenance is recommended for all overland and subsurface components to prevent costs associated with drainage system failures.

Regulatory Approvals:

Maintenance of the existing swales along Gulfstream Road from 10th Avenue North to the L.W.D.D. L-12 Canal should not require additional regulatory approval.

Project Cost:

The estimated cost of proposed improvements is $250,000. A detailed Opinion of Probable Construction Cost and Schematic Design drawing are attached.

Gulfstream Rd. 10th Ave. N. to L-10 Engineers Opinion Cost breakdown

Construction Plans and Drainage Improvements