North Price St.

Standing water conditions have been observed in the roadway.

Area Photos:

N. Price St. standing water, looking south by standing 400’ north of Lake Worth Rd.

Existing Conditions:

GIS data did not originally include features along North Price Street. Existing drainage structures were located during field investigation of the area by Village and K&A personnel. The existing drainage system includes catch basins on the east and west sides of North Price Street towards the north end of the roadway. These catch basins are connected to a third structure located approximately 200’ north. The northernmost structure appears to be the intended point of outfall via overland flow from the grate over the bank to a drainage ditch located 50’ feet further north.

The existing drainage system is also depicted in permit drawings for the Home Depot Shopping Center (Home Depot – Lake Worth, Permit No. 50-02640-S, issued to Home Depot USA, Inc.). See description for Area No. 5: Lakewood Road: West of Kirk Road for more SWM permits that interact with the outfall for this system.

LIDAR data shows elevations along North Price Street to be lower than adjacent properties, and shows a drainage ditch system located north of the affected area which ties into drainage from Charlotte Street, Patio Court, and 43rd Drive South.

Based upon field investigations, roof drainage from the Bodegon building onto the paved drive is not tied into the plaza’s drainage system. Based upon review of the stormwater management system for this plaza, all runoff is intended to be collected within underground drainage systems with discharge into the Lake Worth Road and Military Trail systems operated by FDOT.

Recommended Improvements:

Clean and video the existing drainage pipes and structures. Direct the plaza owner for El Bodegon to redirect runoff from their roof into their stormwater management system and not into North Price Street. Maintenance of the existing system may be sufficient to restore drainage along Price Street, however, the Village should consider revising the drainage outfall connection to the ditch as this connection is a bubble up structure which is trapping sediment that has built up in the system. Additional recommendations for this outfall system are included under discussion for Area No. 5: Lakewood Road: West of Kirk Road.

Regulatory Approvals:

The proposed system will outfall to existing features. Additional regulatory approval should not be required for the recommended improvements.

Project Cost:

The estimated cost of proposed improvements is $26,000. A detailed Opinion of Probable Construction Cost is attached.

N. Price St. Engineers Opinion Cost breakdown