Sandra Lane

Sandra Lane in the Woodhaven neighborhood has been indicated as an Area of Concern by Village of Palm Springs personnel. Standing water has been observed in several private drives and at the interface between driveways and the roadway.

Typical Area Photos:

Sandra Lane multiple picture of standing water

Sandra Lane multiple pictures of standing water

Existing Conditions:

GIS data shows catch basins within the Woodhaven neighborhood connected by pipes and discharging south through an outfall to the LWDD L-8 Canal. This system receives drainage from the neighboring Woodhaven shopping center located at the southwest corner of Forest HillBlvd. and Kirk Road.

LiDAR data indicates that roadway elevations are below the elevation of adjacent property, making roadway shoulders and driveway aprons a likely location for ponding to occur. Grading of swales appears to be insufficient to convey ponded water from driveway aprons to the existing catch basins.

Existing drainage permits include SFWMD SWM Permit No. 106-84-S (Woodhaven Plaza Phases II and III), Application No. 02117-2, issued to Norris & Company, Inc., and ERP Application No. 990412-3 for the Woodhaven Veterinary Clinic, issued to Victor Manoharan, DVM.

Recommended Improvements:

Restoration of swale grading is recommended in the interior of the neighborhood, closest to the existing catch basins along Sheri Circle. This will allow water to collect in the swales and enter the drainage structures for relief from ponding across private residential driveways.

Relief to other reaches of Sandra Lane may be provided in the future by installation of additional catch basins. Exfiltration trench may help percolate collected runoff into the subgrade in this area. Installation of additional culverts to connect this area to the existing system is also an option.

Regulatory Approvals:

The proposed system will outfall to the LWDD L-8 Canal through previously installed components. Additional regulatory approval should not be required for the recommended improvements.

Project Cost:

The estimated cost of proposed improvements is $150,000. A detailed Opinion of Probable Construction Cost and Schematic Design drawing are attached.

Sandra Lane Engineers Opionion Cost breakdown

Construction Plans and Drainage Improvements