Serubi Ave.

Standing water conditions have been observed overflowing swales into the roadway during minor rainfall events.


Serubi Ave. standing water on roadway

Existing Conditions:

Catch basins are visible on the east and west sides about midway between Lake Worth Road and Lakewood Road. The GIS database does not depict connections from these basins to a positive outfall. Further investigation of the area was conducted to research available ownership records and plats, which revealed an existing 10’ wide drainage easement (Lakewood Gardens, Plat No. 1 per Plat Book 18, Page 38) beginning approximately 150’ east of Serubi Avenue and running east to Gulfstream Road, Coconut Road, and ultimately to the west side of Davis Road. Catch basins on Serubi Avenue were surveyed and found to have a connection to existing catch basins along Corrigan Court, ultimately connecting to Gulfstream Road for outfall to the FDOT system along Lake Worth Road. The FDOT system connects to the L-12 Canal south of Lake Worth Road.

Please see Area No. 6 (Gulfstream Road: Lake Worth Rd. to Canal Rd.) for additional information related to the overall drainage system.

LiDAR data shows the lowest point of the roadway centerline located beside the catch basins. A high point at the intersection with Lakewood Road directs runoff from the northern half of the roadway to the catch basins. A second high point about halfway between the catch basins and Lake Worth Road isolates the southernmost quarter of the roadway, forcing drainage from that portion south to a pair of catch basins located on the east and west sides of Serubi Avenue at the intersection with Lake Worth Road. The roadway itself is at a slightly lower elevation than the adjacent residential lots.

A hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the area was conducted by K&A to establish an approximate drainage boundary per the topographic data, verify connection to an outfall, and quantify runoff generated along Serubi Avenue.

Recommended Improvements:

Re-establish swales along the roadway to direct runoff to the existing catch basins. Clean and video the existing drainage system for further evaluation of condition and capacity. Easements for the portion of the system from Serubi Avenue to Corrigan Court should be secured to facilitate future access, maintenance, and eventual replacement of the drainage system components.

Regulatory Approvals:

All proposed improvements are considered maintenance related, therefore regulatory approval should not be necessary for this area.

Project Cost:

The estimated cost of this project is $185,000. A detailed Opinion of Probable Construction Cost, Schematic Design drawing, and Drainage Area exhibit are attached.

Serubi Ave. Engineers Opinion Cost breakdown

Construction Plans and Drainage Improvement