Village of Palm Springs CRA


Purpose Based on community input, this redevelopment plan summarizes the CRA's physical and economic conditions and the challenges and opportunities facing the community; Redevelopment strategies and an Implementation plan are Included that will enable the Village of Palm Springs to stimulate and encourage economic development, provide Increased public amenities, improve pedestrian/bicycle safety and effectively manage redevelopment within the CRA to realize the Village's vision and long-term community goals. Short-term (up to two years) and long-term (up to ten years) capital improvement projects and other programs/activities are Identified as a means of addressing these issues in a way that will maximize leveraging of local, state and federal resources In the implementation of this plan. This community redevelopment plan supports the redevelopment of the Palm Springs CRA and is written In compliance with section 163:362, F.S.

Village History

Mission Statement

Redevelopment Plan

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Documents pertaining to the Village of Palm Springs CRA meeting Florida Statute will be available in the near future.