Police Charter Amendment Information

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Please Vote! Tuesday, March 17,2020 - 7AM to 7PM

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020 • 7am to 7pm

Proposed Charter Amendment

The Village of Palm Springs wants to ensure residents are provided clarity on the proposed Charter Amendment that will be decided on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. 

  • Currently the Village Council would decide on whether the Police department remains local or if it is outsourced, should the question be considered in the future 

  • The proposed Charter Amendment is asking if Village residents/voters would like to be a part of the decision with Council by voting on whether our police department stays local or if it is outsourced 

  • The question is NOT asking whether you would like to have the local police department outsourced at this time. 

  •  It is simply asking if you would like to vote if the question ever was considered in the future. 

Municipal Elections

The Village of Palm Springs is proposing a charter amendment on the March 17, 2020, Presidential Preference Primary ballot. All registered voters in the Village of Palm Springs are urged to vote on the following ballot question:

“Preservation of the Village of Palm Springs Police Department”

Shall the Village of Palm Springs Charter be amended to preserve the Village’s local Police Department by requiring a referendum vote of the electorate to abolish, merge, outsource and/or otherwise transfer the Village’s provision of law enforcement services to any other agency and/or entity and to require a supermajority vote of the Village Council when such referendum is initiated by the Village Council?

YES _____ NO ______

“Preservación del Departamento de Policía de la Municipalidad de Palm Springs”

¿Se deberían enmendar los estatutos de la Municipalidad de Palm Springs para preservar el Departamento de Policía local y requerir un voto de referéndum para poder abolir, fusionar, subcontratar y/o transferir de otro modo la prestación de servicios de aplicación de la ley de la Municipalidad a cualquier otra agencia y/o entidad y exigir una mayoría absoluta de votos del Consejo Municipal cuando dicho referéndum sea iniciado por el Consejo Municipal?

SÍ _____ NO ______

Prezèvasyon Depatman Polis Vilaj Palm Springs”

Èske Konstitisyon Vilaj PalmSprings dwe amande pou prezève Depatman Lapolis lokal Vilaj la pa egzije yon vòt referandòm pa votèyo pou aboli, rantre (konbine), konfye ak/oswa transfere otreman pwovizyon Vilaj la nan sèvis lapolis bay nenpòt ki lòt ajans ak/oswa antite epi mande pou yon vòt super majorite nan Konsèy Vilaj lareferandòm sa yo inisye pa Konsèy Vilaj la?

WI_______ NON_______

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if the charter amendment is not approved by Village voters?

  • At any time, a simple majority (three members) of the Village Council could vote to abolish the Village Police Department and get law enforcement services from someone else.

 What will happen if the charter amendment is approved by Village voters?

  • Before the Village Police Department could be abolished the following two (2) things must take place:
    1.  At least four members of the Village Council would have to agree to have a referendum on abolishing the Police Department.
    2. A majority of Village voters voting in the referendum would have to approve abolishing the Police Department.

Who are considered electorates?

  • Electorates are the registered voters. You may confirm your status as a registered voter by contacting the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections. 

What are the ways that I can vote?

Where do I vote and what do I need?

Federal, State & County Elections

Federal, state and county elections are handled directly through Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections.

Absentee Ballots & Early Voting

The Village of Palm Springs does not have early voting locations. Absentee ballots are also applied for and returned to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections.