Educational e-Resources PreK- Elementary



KIDLIT.TV - Explore the world of Children’s Literature. Sign up with your e-mail to have activities and more directly to your e-mail!

Younger children will love everything about Sesame Street’s online home. They can choose from hundreds of the show’s video clips and play games that help them learn letters, animal sounds, rhymes, colors, and more.


Each of the educational shows your children watch on PBS has its own learning section through Try sing-a-long songs, sorting and counting games, watch videos, and more. 



Code is a website focused on coding and app writing. A site with high quality courses, Code also features learning options for kids. In addition to kid friendly courses, Code offers free online education classes on a wide variety of technology topics. These classes include app writing, robotics and Javascript. Most of the courses are also geared in a such a way that they can be useful in a classroom setting. This makes Code a great resource for harder to find coding topics, as well as various learning settings.

Collection of Free Educational sites for kids:

It’s hard to narrow the list of science websites because there are so many great resources. But San Francisco’s Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts showcases a website that teaches kids about science and art in new ways. The departments let kids tinker with gadgets, go below the sea, rocket into the galaxy and also learn about the science of gardening, animals, and cells, to name a few.


Fun Brain is another good option for kids who want to learn online but focuses on games and fun puzzles. Particularly focused on math and reading, Fun Brain’s game-based approach can be valuable if the child in question struggles to pay attention. Fun Brain offers rewards and challenges as well, and is another site aimed at a casual learning experience for kids K-8

Girls Who Code has just released FREE weekly Girls Who Code at Home unplugged and online activities for 3rd-12th grade students. Learn coding from the comfort of your home!


The magazine for kids that’s been around for more than 60 years now offers online ways to play, read and craft with your children. Matching games, art activities, animated stories and science experiments are just a few ways kids can learn while having fun on the Highlights for Kids website.

Homeschooling LibGuide from FAU -

K-12 Flood Education Resources page from Flood Science Center includes collection of activities and course materials. Includes multimedia games, and other interactive elements like Don’t Flood the Fidgets

KIDLIT.TV - Explore the world of Children’s Literature. Sign up with your e-mail to have activities and more directly to your e-mail!

The Liv Bits - Let’s Keep Reading! Keep Thinking with Interactive Read Aloud LivBits.

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems and a link to other authors and illustrators sharing stories and leading activities online. 25 Makerspace Projects For Kids

The kids site for National Geographic is another site that makes free online education applicable for younger users. For those looking for kid friendly education, a large variety of games, puzzles, videos and photos keeps kids interested on this site.

National Geographic Kids doesn’t organize learning into courses, making materials available by topic and medium instead. This makes National Geographic Kids a good option for those looking for a more casual learning environment.


Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin!

Science, Animals, Health, Civic Engagement Resources from Georgia 4-H.

WHYVILLE - http:/

Similar to the sites for kids free online education is Whyville a destination for preteen online learning. The site includes a variety of social features, with a focus on learning materials geared for young teens. Whyville also mixes in educational games, to make the site a well-rounded option for kids too old for simple games, but too young for heavy reading based material.

Spanish Resources:

  1. Ediciones Castillo (MacMillan Mexico) digital resources:

Go to bottom of page and click on the appropriate grade level. Type "Spanish" in Keyword Search and all the Spanish books will come up for that grade level.

  1. Encantos Learning Hub say that some preschool bilingual resources.
  2. Math stories in Spanish
  3. SCHOLASTIC learn at home

Other free educational free resources and collections of resources for students and children include: Palm Beach School list of resources.

Do your kids love Dog Man or Captain Underpants? Author and Illustrator Dav Pilkey collaborating with Library of Congress.

A Blog in the School Library Journal

School District: PAPER 24/7 tutoring access for students

A list of free educational resources.

Free books and stories.