Water Treatment

Lime Sipractors Main Water Treatment Plant

The Village of Palm Springs Water Utilities Treatment Plants operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide a reliable supply of superior quality drinking water to approximately 38,000 customers. Our Water Treatment plants make approximately 4.1 million gallons of drinking water a day.  

Treatment Facilities & Staff

The Village of Palm Springs has two water treatment plants the Main Water Treatment Plant and the R.L. Pratt Treatment Plant.  The Water Treatment Division has 12 Water Treatment Operators supported by 2 Lead Operators, one for each Treatment Plant. Both Water Treatment Plants are staffed with Plant Operators 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. 

Water Source

The Village of Palm Springs utilizes groundwater wells for our water source. The wells are drawn from the surficial aquifer in eastern Palm Beach County. This groundwater source is adequately protected by the Palm Beach County Wellfield Protection Ordinance, which the Village of Palm Springs strictly adheres to.

Treatment Process

The Village of Palm Springs Water Treatments Plant pre-treats the raw water with a magnetic ion exchange (MIEX) system to remove organics before lime softening to remove hardness. It is then disinfected using chloramines (chlorine and ammonia compound) and filtered before delivery to your home or business through a network of underground pipes. 

Magnetic Ion Exchange Treatment Process (MIEX) MIEX Process Simplified Diagram

This process uses a specialized resin to remove dissolved organic matter from the water through a process of negatively charged organic ions. This process removes substances such as natural organic matter, color, and other impurities in source water. 

The Village of Palm Springs Utilities Department was one of the first Utilities in the USA to use the MIEX Treatment System which originated in Australia. For more information on the beginning of the Village of Palm Springs Utilities Department implementing MIEX as part of our treatment process and to learn more about how Magnetic Ion Exchange works view this video.