Bill Explanation

Below is a breakdown of your utility bill. For additional questions, contact the Utility Billing Department at 561-584-8200, Option #1.

1. Customer Name - This is the name that is Village Bill Breakdownlisted on the account.

2. Account Number - This number associated with the property.

3. Service Address - This is the physical address where the service is located.

4. Bill Number - This is the number associated with a specific billing statement.

5. Billing Date - This is the date the bill was printed.

6. Service Period - Beginning and ending dates of the billing period.

7. Prior Balance - This is the last amount that was billed.

8. Last Payment - This is the last payment amount received per our records.

9. Adjustments - Shows any monetary modifications to the bill.

10. Current Charges - The total current charges from all sources for this billing period, see #17 for a breakdown of monthly charges.

11. Total Amount Due - The total amount owed which includes the current charges, past due amounts, and additional fees applied, minus any credits on the account.

12. Current Charges Due by - The bill due date. Payment must be received by this date to avoid additional fees. 

13. Service - Which service the readings correspond to.

14. Previous Reading - Last reading recorded by the meter reader. *Bills are read in 1,000-gallon increments. 

15. Current Reading - Current reading recorded by the meter reader. *Bills are read in 1,000-gallon increments. 

16.  Usage - The amount of usage recorded for the current billing period. *Bills are read in 1,000-gallon increments. 

17. Current Charges Breakdown - List of all charges on the account for current billing period.

18. 12-Month Water Usage Graph - This chart shows the water usage visually at the property by the occupant for the last 12 months. 

19. Village News and Notes - The Village often includes special messages and encourages customers to read this area to keep up with programs and other important changes/ updates from the Village.

20. This portion to be detached and returned with payment.

21. Customers Mailing Address - The address that this bill is being mailed to.

22. Changes section - If any changes are needed on the account, select the appropriate boxes and complete the back of the bill, mail in to make adjustments.

23.Customer Number - This is the number assigned to the customer at the time of opening the account. Use the customer number when you contact us or go online.